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Ambar Gordon, photographer in Burlington, posing in front of a river with a professional camera on her right hand
Ambar Gordon - Photographer in Burlington, Ontario
Hi there,
My name is Ambar Gordon and I treasure capturing special moments in life.


Back in the 2000s, I was that friend that would always carry a digital camera in their purse. Later, when Nokia, Blackberry, and Apple brought the camera technology to mobile devices… my phone memory was packed with hundreds of pictures. At some point, I just realized that photography was home… My hobby, my lifestyle.

I proudly became a collector of memories such as:

  • time with my parents;
  • outing with friends;
  • time spent with my eternal romance: my husband;
  • the birth and milestones of my children;

Skills & Experience

Following my dream bore its fruits. I hold professional accreditation in the field of photography now. 
Let’s say that, over time, my passion got to the next logical level:
from amateur to trained and from trained to professional.
With five (5) years in the field, I can help  to freeze the time for busy families who want to cherish small moments and big milestones like: 
  • Pregnancy photos;
  • Newborn shots;
  • Family portraits;
  • lifestyle pictures.

I am in Burlington

Burlington is nothing but a gorgeous place to live. Regardless of the season, its inherent beauty is always present. 

I can get to anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area. From Burlington (the Regional Municipality of Halton) to neighboring cities. You name it, I can get there:

  • Aldershot;
  • RBG;
  • Paletta Mansion;
  • The Village Square;
  • La Salle;
  • Tyandaga;
  • Highview Survey;
  • Brant Hills;
  • Mountain Gardens;
  • Burlington Beach;
  • Glenwood Park;
  • Clarksdale, Longmoor;
  • Strathcona Gardens;
  • Milton Area;
  • Hamilton Area;
  • Mississauga;
  • Toronto.

Why booking a photography session with me?

In a nutshell: 
  • I do my best to value your ultimate goal: I am open to new ideas, to hear you, and to understand your needs and desires. You and your particular journey are the most important elements to capture. My Style is candid and playful.
  • Multiculturalism guaranteed: I am very comfortable on social occasions, landscapes, religions, and cultures. I come from Venezuela, my family ascendants are from abroad and I am here :). I am a Spanish speaker native and I speak English too, of course with a funny accent.
  • Easygoing style: As a mom of two little but incredible human beings, I have learned to “let it be”. I have practiced and tried out photography techniques every day and on every occasion possible. I go with my passion and the flow of the moment. In fact, I declare myself an advocate of natural and spontaneous poses, which I find ideal. Raw moments are perfect.
  • Professionalism: A marketing, sales, and photography background that boost my skills. I have learned the standard of the market and to decode the message you want to convey. Have a look at what my clients have to say on this.

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